Tuesday, March 08, 2011

new twd friends

I attended an event last night in New York at the Ace Hotel. It was sponsored by one of our favorite wedding blogs, 100 Layer Cake and it featured the amazing musical talents of Elan Artists (check them out, they have some of the best musical groups in the industry)!

At the event, I met two beautiful and talented women with very cool wedding related businesses and I wanted to introduce them to you!

Sarah Pease is the founder of Brilliant Event Planning .  Sarah plans weddings and events, but her niche is planning proposals!  So if your man is a die hard romantic, but can't come up with the perfect proposal on his own, or if he is just completely clueless, Sarah is your gal!   Be sure to check out the proposal page of her site, where she has a proposal idea generator!  After answering a few questions about your future fiance, she will recommend the ideal proposal scenario for you!  

Sarah Jenks is the creator of The Breathtaking Bride.   Sarah is a nutritional coach for brides to be, focusing on a holistic plan to weight loss!  We constantly hear that our brides plan to lose weight before their wedding.  Sarah can truly make it happen, and in a completely healthy way.

The best part is that both of these lovelies are brides to be themselves!  So, they can appreciate what you are going through! Stay tuned to the blushing blog for interviews with both of these talented women in our ask the experts series.

xoxo, TWD

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