Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy valentine's day!

Valentine's Day is a day to reflect on who and what you love.....
When I think about what I love, many things come to, shoes, the color pink, anything that sparkles, chocolate, champagne and of course my family!
I asked my 10 year old daughter, Lindsay to write something for the blog that represents what love means to her. She chose to write a poem. Our wish for you today is that you feel every letter in the love alphabet!
Love within the ABC's ~ by Lindsay Chapman
The A is amazing
The B is brilliant
The C is content
The D is delectable
The E is exquisite
The F is fantastic
The G is great
The H is happy
The I is intellectual
The J is joyous
The K is kissable
The L is laughter
The M is merry
The N is nice
The O is outstanding
The P is perfect
The Q is quaint
The R is righteous
The S is stupendous
The T is terrific
The U is undefinable
The V is victorious
The W is wonderful
The X is xoxoxo
The Y is yummy
The Z is zest for life
Love means all this and much more to me...what makes love special to you?
xoxo, TWD

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