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ask the expert ~ Modern Trousseau designer, Callie Tein

We are thrilled to be hosting a trunk show with Connecticut based designer Modern Trousseau this weekend (December 9th -11th).  Modern Trousseau is a company that specializes in couture bridal and mother of the occasion dresses.  The collection was first launched at The White Dress by the shore 5 years ago and it is now sold all over the world!

Callie's lastest collection will be here for the trunk show.  Don't miss your opportunity to try her new designs hot off of the runway!  Join us for an appointment on Friday and Saturday and have the opportunity to meet the designer and work with her to customize the gown of your dreams!

Further to our 'ask the expert series', I interviewed Modern Trousseau founder and designer, Callie Tein about her collection, trends in bridal and her inspiration.  Here are her responses:

How did you get started in designing bridal?

I've loved fashion ever since I was a little girl growing up in Melbourne, Australia. I used to dress up in my Mum's evening clothes from the sixties and seventies.  I sometimes remember important or special events in my life through the clothes that I was wearing at the time, and I remember my first pair of high heels, my first ballgown (my prom dress) and of course my wedding gown.

I studied Fashion Design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  I loved every minute of it.  When I graduated, I worked as a designer for many different Australian companies, designing woman's wear, children's wear, and eventually wedding gowns. 

Once you have designed weddings gowns, there is no going back.  It is the ultimate in creativity and design.  The luxury of working with fine French laces, imported silks and delicate bead work makes me feel very lucky. I want every dress to be perfect, and every every bride that I dress to feel special on her wedding day.

What was the inspiration behind your current bridal collection?

50's couture~ classic with a twist.  I was inspired by the fabrics that we found, particularly the beautiful laces. I wanted to add texture to the collection, so we did gowns like Wallis and Martini. In In this collection I wanted to add new dimension to take it to the next level.

"Wallis" shot in Paris by Robert and Kathleen Trensky


What are the current trends in bridal?

The trend at the moment is being able to customize your gown and make it your own. Accessorizing the gown as way of customizing it is a strong trend with brides- whether it is with a special belt or jewels. The Vintage look is also still en vogue. In particular, we are still very inspired by lace.  Color as a trend is also going to be strong. Bold black and white is a big trend.


People always ask if strapless will stay in fashion. What is your opinion?

YES!!!!! Strapless is a beautiful look on a young girl- it always looks fresh. Strapless represents freedom. When you compare what people wore years ago to now, women were covered up for their weddings. Historically, weddings were often planned by their mothers and women wore long sleeves and high necks.  Today, strapless represents freedom for young brides- and it is not going away.

You are one of the few bridal designers who designs bridal and mothers dresses. What differentiates your mother of the occasion collection?

We have a very specific look for our mothers. We want the collection to be young, fresh and elegant. We are designing for a more mature woman, so I am always thinking about a mature figure and the designs cater to her. But, I still strive to keep the looks fresh, young and flattering!  We have banished frumpy!

A collection of our 'real' moms from Modern Trousseau

To schedule an appointment for the trunk show and an opportunity to work with Callie to customize the perfect look for your big day, call 860.669.4596. A 10% discount will be granted off of any Modern Trousseau purchase made during this exclusive event!

xoxo, TWD

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